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The Peinfortes are an English family line dating back to the 8th century, when their dynasty was established by Averil Peinforte, who made arrangements with The King in Yellow to have the land upon which Peinforte Manor would be built given unto her along with a title of nobility which made her a peer of the House of Lords.

The Peinforte line is Matrilneal, with Paisley Peinforte being the 26th Lady Peinforte.

Some notable members of the Peinforte line are Lord Wainswright Peinforte, who was the head of Peinforte Manor in 1785 and was considered a "senile old bugger", but of kind heart who would help anyone in need, Sir Roger Peinforte, who died in mysterious sicrumstances in the 1600s, and Paisley Peinforte, who founded the Peinforte Foundation and broke the family free of its blood curse.

The Peinforte family motto is “Quid est quod fuit ipsum quod futurum est” which means “’ll this has happened before, and all this shall happen again" ,referring to the concept of history as a fugue—like, continuously growing variation on a theme.