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For over thirteen years, a certain house in suburban Japan has held a pretty big secret within its walls, with no one the wiser. But when Paisley P. Peinforte gets a mysterious letter calling her there, she finds it almost empty, with only its lonely owner’s assistant and a cranky computer there to greet her. Suddenly, she finds herself on a mission to investigate a strange new drug craze that’s hitting the streets of Akihabara... a drug that not only makes you stronger and more attractive, but also gives you super powers!

On the trail of this miracle “UltraForce”, Paisley becomes enmeshed in a wider conspiracy set up by a survival-crazed madwoman that reaches back not only to the roots of modern-day society, but worlds beyond! Can she find the allies she needs to save the planet before it’s too late?


Suburban Senshi:Rise of the Magical Girl is the quasi-bootleg third-hand translated, roughly produced light novelization of the first season of the hit anime sensation that was allegedly a smash success in an alternate universe version of Japan!*

* That’s our story and we’re sticking to it. True Facts not Guaranteed.

Available in print and Kindle

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