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"I have this... nagging feeling that if there is an attribute that makes this area special... it may need to be protected." "Nixie, the answer is staring you right in the face. It's not the geography... or the machinery... or the magic. It's the people. he people who come here every day. They make this place crazy, and fun, and dangerous, and special.That's why the House was legend. That's why the HOTEL is great. It all comes down to the visitors who make it their home every day. " -- The Intern and Cressida Xadium Carlton

The HOTEL is a mathematically-modeled interior of a five-star, Art-Deco style hotel linked via Establishment LSD technology to the exterior of a house located at 2F 2-4-60 Azabu-Juban Minato-ku to create an EDIFICE. It is a living being with its avatar being Chateaux Concierge, the cranky concierge and caretaker of the structure.

(The word HOTEL is actually an Establishment term standing for Hyperdimensional Omnispatial Temporally Extruded Locality, and it is their opinion that humans picked up the word from them at some point.)

Structurally there are 21 floors plus lobby, each floor containing 11 luxury suites. There is a full Shinto shrine on the roof, an olympic-sized swimming pool, and a five-star restaurant, both on the ground floor. The lobby also sports a faux sky that shows either day or night and the appropriate stars for Tokyo, along with clouds as required. It does not, however, produce rain.

Due to the HOTEL and its surrounding house being Establishment Technology, the HOTEL can repair itself after taking damage to the interior or the exterior. Repair usually takes a few minutes to a full day, depending on the damage. However, if the HOTEL's power source-- currently classified-- is disconnected, the backup microsfusion generatrors cannot power any kind of damage repair.

Drawing on its vast databanks of Establishment knowledge, the HOTEL has an engrained psychoactive link that allows it to instantly translate the laguiage of almost any inhabitant into any other, allowing universal translation. It also sports internal food replication systems and a Satellite / CCTV hacking grid.

As the interior is almost completely mathematically modeled (including the air and water) it is infinitely malleable and adjustable. If she desired, Chateaux or any authorized operator could turn the air into jello, or have the floors rise up and cage people.