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The Burning Sodality

A group of chiefly female warrior-sages based on a small worldlet named Albedon at the fringe of Establishment Centre. An order as old as the universe itself, they pride themselves on bending reality to their whim using higher-order dimensional mathematics as expressed through their own formidable mental powers. Insular and hostile to outsiders, for the longest time they ignored the outer universe until Paisley Pythia Peinforte found her way to their world and broke them of their isolation.

It is rumoured they were founded as a renegade colony of The Establishment, but no concrete evidence of this has surfaced.

Socially, the Soldality is broken up into Circles. The members of the first circle are the most revered, the members of the 13th circle are novice-initiates. The "Black Circle" is composed of members who engage in rituals too dangerous or distasteful for the others to contemplate.

The inner circles of the Sodality tend to be very ancient beings alive from the time of The Founding (of their order) who have used life-extending techniques borne of their special relationship with The Everpresent Moment to stay alive. Very few in the circle have come from the Recruits who have been taken in from Establishment Centre or, as in Paisley's case, elsewhere.

While the Sodality is generally considered to be all-female, there have been male members in the past.


  • 13. Initiates - Novice initiates who are just being introduced to the order.
  • 12. Apprentices - Those who are training to master their minds' inner tumult.
  • 11. Outer Seer - Those who can now peer into others' minds on a superficial level (feelings, truth / lies).
  • 10. Inner Seer - Those who can now read thoughts directly and enter minds.
  • 09. Observer - Those who can now scry on events remotely.
  • 08. First Wielder - Those who can now offensively project thoughts and defensively block.
  • 07. Second Wielder - Those who can now create complex illusions of matter.
  • 06. Matter Master - Those who can now use thoughts to actually re-order matter.
  • 05. Warden - Those who are now able to pass on their skills and teach the others.
  • 04. Deacon - Those who keep the other, lower circles in line.
  • 03. Sentinels - Those tasked solely with mastering the ultimate defense and offense tasks.
  • 02. Seers - Those who can intuit changes in the future in addition to all other skills.
  • 01. Visionaries - Those whose Seer-gifts are transcendent.
  • 00. The Black - Those who flout the Hierarchy and conduct their own experiments. Their designation can apply to others (e.g. Black Seer)
  • The Eye - Leader of the 13 Circles by consensus, They defer to the majority rule but will break ties in the case of absentions. One representative from each order except black votes on courses of action.