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The Establishment

The collective race-name and epithet pertaining to the race of beings that inhabit Establishment Centre. Hailing from a civilization that, for all intents and purposes seemed to rise with the universe itself, they are so old they have forgotten their race's original name. Their technology, which is based on mind-matter manipulation and the direct restructuring of reality itself is so advanced that for all intents and purposes it could be seen as magic. Absolute masters of physical and temporal mechanics, they interweave their technology into the very firmament of creation, accessing it at their whim. It has been said, not incorrectly, that they "weave the story of creation".

The Establishment takes its role as steward of the universe seriously, and this gravitas has infused their culture, rendering them somewhat aloof, serious and prosaic. If Earthlings call themselves "Humans", those of the Establishment consider themselves "Members."

Members of the Establishment consider themselves nobility of the universe from birth. These "Lords" and "Ladies" of the Establishment have long, complex, secret names thousands of characters long which basically describe their complete existential dimensions as a space-time event, and which, if known, could be used to control, modify, destroy or even replicate them with just the proper utterance. To protect themselves they take on simple Pseudonyms, either proper nouns, adjectives or just fake names, such as The Intern, Doctor Xadium or Hazel Ninegate which they use to interact with other beings.

Social Structure

Members of the Establishment engage in a multilevel Parliament that not only decides the direction their society takes, but also that of the universe as a whole. At the bottom level is the standard parliament, above which is a "Shadow Cabinet" that deals with sensitive and classified matters, all directly answerable to a "Chief Executive of the Establishment" who takes on the name and title "Chief Executive" upon assuming the position.