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Paisley Pythia Peinforte
Biographical information





Windsor, England






University Student


Paisley Priscilla Peinforte, P3, 3P0, Sister Pythia

Physical description




Hair color

Jet Black

Eye color

Dark Violet



Blood Yype


Smells Like

Old Books

Favorite Food

Shrimp Fettucine Alfredo

Least Favorite Food


Favorite Color

Jade Green

Favorite Music

Anything with a beat


Writing Erotic Fanfiction




Psychic Attacks, Matter manipulation, Pressure Point Strikes


The Burning Sodality

First Appearance

Season 1, Episode 1

Brief Biography

A highly intelligent young woman, Paisley was something of aprodigy in her youth, having learned to read by the age of two. At the age of five, she was orphaned when her parents were killed in a freak skiing accident in the Swiss Alps, leaving her in the care of the Peinforte family's loyal butler, Winston Wodehouse.

Mostly home-schooled, she spent her days without internet or TV, reading every book in the massive Peinforte library. This led to her becoming extremely literate, having a fairly broad knowledgebase and vivid imagination. What few friends she had on the outside were wither intimidatred by or jealous of her wealth, and, due to her lack of social skills, they began to mock her, even to the point of making up stories that she had arranged for the death of her parents in order to inhereit their fortune.

Seeking a change of scenery, Paisley sought and gained admission to Oxford's Queens college at fifteen, choosing to major in Literature. Doing well, she actually began making friends and even establishing a heated rivalry with Miranda Kaufman. Her professors adored her, considering her a true scholar in the making.

All this changed, however, one night when she discovered a hand-written note from her father which foretold of his--and his wife's death. The note informed her that they were going to sacrifice themselves to free Paisley from an ancient Peinforte curse laid upon the family since time immemorial.

Obsessed by this information, Paisley tore apart her father's study to find out more, eventually discovering the details of a Devil's deal betwen the founder of the Peinforte line, Averil Peinforte in the 8th century--a deal that saw every female of the Peinforte line handed over as a bride to The King in Yellow by their sixteenth birthday.

Determined to escape this fate, Paisley continued looking through her family's archives for any clues as to a means of fighting this being, but having no luck. Declaring dual minors in History and Psychology, she tried to learn all she could to arm herself for what she knew would be an eventual showdown with this menace.

Her investigations proved fruitless, however, until a chance encounter with Archaologist Matt Shin put her in possession of the information she needed, leading her to make Psychic contact with Seers of The Burning Sodality.

Realizing she had to train herself physically and mentally, Paisley dropped out of Oxford and went to train on Albedon, meeting Doctor Xadium en route and forming a fast friendship.

After helping the Seers of the Sodality drive Hastur back, Paisley returned to England and continued living a solitary life of study, her eyes now opened to a wider world. Establishing The Peinforte Foundation, she dedicated her family's wealth to finding ahnd helping victims of alein or supernatural attack, spending a great deal of time in Japan at The House dealing with dozens of incidents overseveral years before returning home.

After reciving an invitation from Xadium to return to Japan, Paisley re-enrolled in Oxford to facilitate her transfer to Torii Ema University so she could stay in the country legally, leading to her fateful encounter with Kelly Monroe...


Paisley is an introvert who has mostly mastered dealing with other people, but finds it draning after a time. When calm, she can be very cool and analytical, but she is quick to anger and frustrate, at which point she can become snippy, snarky and even rude. As a youth she bottled her feelings in tremendously-- it was only until she made her way to Oxford and later The House that she learned to be open and free with others.

She despises and fears bullies due to her experiences as a youth. She hides behind a somewhat aloof facade with strangers, but is a now much like a twenty-year old underneath, tied into pop culture and fun. She routinely reads teen magazines and gossip sites to keep her pulse on the trends of the day and to keep herself mentally young.

She operates out of a strong sense of Noblesse oblige, and is always willing to sacrifice in order to help her friends--something which surprises even her, since as a youth she had little use for people and avoided them if she could.

Despite being rather liberal, Paisley takes her family's reputation sariously and will become angry if someone besmirches it.


Paisley knows hand-to-hand fighting techniques in addition to Meridian Lock, Mindbending, Ablation, and Breakpoint techniques.


  • Paisley talks to herself when she finds something of interest to her. This is because as a child she had no one else to talk to.
  • Her ornate glasses are decorative, and just a fashion accessory. They are also a family heirloom dating back to 1835, belonging to the Lady Elizabeth Peinforte. They're gold with silver inlays on the stems and burnished wood on the earpieces.
  • Paisley has a semi-secret hobby of penning erotic slashfiction, most of which isn't very good. She also likes to draw yaoi pictures featuring pop stars, which again, isn't very good.
  • Paisley is the 26th Lady Peinforte and a hereditary peer of the House of Lords.
  • Paisley may have a butler (other than Wodehouse) who lives on the grounds, she can never remember.
  • Paisley can breakdance, something she learned to do just to cure her boredom as a child.
  • There is the possibility that Paisley is, or will be a Visionary-- a high ranking member of the Sodality with high psychic and relaity warping power.
  • Her legal name is Paisley Priscilla Peinforte.
  • She has constantly changing Polymensional Runes tatooed on her left shoulder and right thigh which reflect the ebb and flow of reality around her and allow her to more easily interact with it. There are also some stitched into the embriodery on her sweater. She uses a low-level psychic field to prevent anyone from seeing them. A consequence of this is no one truly has seen what Paisley really looks like.